Pro Bono Consulting by Catherine Brys, PhD MBA

Your challenges

If you are a social enterprise or charity and your challenges are:

  • Keeping up with clients’ and funders’ expectations – and with the competition.
  • Developing new services to reach more clients.
  • Deciding where to focus your scarce resources to achieve maximum impact.
  • Managing change with buy-in from your staff and stakeholders, while remaining true to your values.
  • Managing the different perspectives of your Board members, staff and partners.

How I can support you

I can help you:

  • Remain attractive to clients and funders.
  • Design outstanding client experiences.
  • Remain focused, effective and impactful.
  • Become more resilient and future-proof.
  • Become more collaborative, streamlined and efficient.

My pro bono services

I can guide you to:

  • Sharpen your strategy – focus your scarce resources to meet clients’ and funders’ expectations with maximum impact.
  • Deliver outstanding customer experiences – design your services truly with the client in mind.
  • Manage change with stakeholder buy-in – adapt to shifts in society, technology or income streams while remaining true to your values.
  • Build more effective working relationships – work more effectively with your Board, staff and partners and achieve win-wins.

“Catherine supported us on a pro-bono basis to assess and consider a range of options for our organisation’s future planning. She asked really insightful questions that made us think hard about our priorities for going forward, and it was really helpful to have an external person to stimulate thinking with (and between) various stakeholders in the organisation. Catherine prepared a really detailed presentation to help us continue to think through our forward progress. The time we’ve spent with Catherine, her insightful questions, and proactive approach has been a real motivating force.”
Kathryn Welch, Operations Director, Macrobert Arts Centre

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Why I am doing pro bono work

I want to make my expertise available to good causes as a way of giving something back.

Catherine Brys